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The 901 GW Recycled from the Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks
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P-51-01 P-51-01

The P-51-01

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The P-51 Collection is a mechanical timepiece. The dial is cut directly from a classic, salvaged Mustang meaning every single timepiece is visibly unique and born with a story.

REC Watches and its products are not in any way associated or supported by Ford Motor Company or any of its affiliates.

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A Unique Story

With the P-51 literally every scratch tells a story. The handmade dial showcases the 40 years of patina from the Ford Mustang it was partly made from. Moreover, The P-51 is mirroring design elements from the original Mustangs – capturing the masculine DNA of one of the most iconic cars ever produced.

The Name?

The original Ford Mustang was named after the American long-range fighter-bomber used during World War II – The P-51 Mustang. Ford went on to adopt the Mustang name as a tribute to the fighter-bomber. We adopted the P-51 name as a tribute to the Ford Mustang.

The engine

Under the hood of your P-51 you find the Miyota calibre 9130 automatic movement, produced by the world-renowned company, Miyota. With a power reserve of 48 hours you will most definitely never run out of gas.

The Organ Donor

In 1964 Ford launched a new age of American sports cars: The Ford Mustang. Although viewed by many as the "original" Muscle Car, the Mustang didn´t start out as one. Lee Iacocca, Vice President of Ford at the time, wanted to give the American market a car which weighed under 2.500 lbs. priced at under $2.500.

The very same day the Mustang was introduced in 1964, Ford dealerships sold a record-breaking 22.000 Mustangs. The Mustang was an instant hit, and Ford sold more than 400.000 Mustangs in their very first year of production, making the Mustang an indisputable success.

In 1967 the Mustang received a major facelift with the introduction of the new ´67 Fastback, regarded by many as one of the finest looking American sports cars ever made. And if the legacy-of-cool was not already apparent to everyone, it was further cemented in 1968 with the release of the iconic "Bullitt" film, featuring Steve McQueen blazing a ´68 Fastback through the steep streets of San Francisco.

Still, after a tumultuous period including numerous radical design changes to the Mustang during the 70s, 80s and 90s, it was not until 2005 that Ford would go back to the roots of the original Mustang design. The new S197 design was a direct testament to the classic 60s Mustang, and this highly popular throwback styling has defined the modern Mustang ever since.

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Design references

The design of the power reserve is inspired by the fuel gauge of the classic Ford Mustang.

But whereas on the classic Mustang the E(empty) indicator is on the left we reversed this on the P-51 due to the mechanical movement in the P-51.
Every P-51 timepiece is engraved with the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and year of the salvaged Mustang that was used to make the P-51 timepiece.

The number of timepieces made from the specific Mustang depends on the car and the parts donated to REC Watches – meaning some timepieces are made in very limited numbers as low as 250.
The dial is the real star of the show as it ensures the uniqueness in every single P-51 timepiece due to the fact that no two dials are alike.

Every dial used in the P-51 is recycled and always unique - cut from the body of a salvaged Ford Mustang and coated with a clear layer of lacquer. This ensures that the “patina” in the dial does not spread to other parts of the watch.
The three-hand & date function is inspired by the original Mustang Dashboard.

This reference is sized down in order to showcase even more of the beautiful patina dial. The dashboard inspiration gives the P-51 a vintage feel and even the font used on the dial is borrowed from the original Mustang.
The rotor decoration on the P-51 is inspired by the Classic Mustang hubcaps design. The design of the hubcaps was presented on the first generation of Ford Mustangs when it was initially introduced in 1964.

The founders of REC Watches have always been big fans of this design why it became part of the P-51 design.
The crown is designed to mirror the gas cap of the classic Mustang GT350. The REC logo on the crown has a story of its own.

Look carefully and you will notice three gears: One for Recover, one for Recycle, one for Reclaim– the very DNA of the REC concept.
The iconic Mustang rear lights are subtly laser-engraved on the right-hand side of the P-51 timepiece.

Some would argue that the Mustang rear lights are as iconic as the Fuchs rims on the Porsche 911. And actually, you will find them even today on the newest generation of Mustangs.
The silhouette of the classic Ford Mustang is reflected within the shape of the P-51 case.

The square case is concave – with both sides of the watch falling towards the crown raising the top and bottom edge of the watch and adding extra depth to the P-51 timepiece.
The laser-engraved Mustang grill is showcased on the left-hand side of the P-51. Yet a subtle design reference, you will not notice unless you know it is there – or you put it on your wrist where it belongs.

As the ultimate tribute, we changed the iconic Mustang horse with REC.

Story Card

Your P-51 timepiece comes with a scanable Story Card - which is both NFC and QR compatible - taking you directly to a video documenting the stories, anecdotes and origin of the specific car which became part of your watch!

Story Example video

Extra straps

Technical Specs


Diameter 44mm

Height 10.8mm

Opening diameter 38mm

Weight 125g


3 Hands / Date / Power Reserve

Skeleton and orange printed hands

Black PVD & stainless steel case

Stainless steel bezel

Black inner dials

2 years full warranty

3 ATM, 30 meters


Reference Miyota cal. 9130 movement with rotor decoration

Type Mechanical, self-winding

Frequency 28,800 VPH (4.0 hz)

Power reserve +48 hours

Jewels 26


Case 316L Stainless steel

Top glass Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflective coating

Caseback glass Mineral Crystal


Handcrafted metal dial made from a recycled Mustang. Each dial is coated with a clear layer of lacquer ensuring that the patina does not "spread" to other parts of the watch.


Strap Width 24 mm

Double black calf leather strap with quick-release system.

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